We equip young women with hard & soft skills to become future female leaders through STEM-based programs.

Our key programs teach five foundational skills important for all leaders to have.

🧩 Problem solving

🧠 Critical Thinking

πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Confidence

πŸ’¬ Communication

❀️ Compassion


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Our diverse range of programs is designed to inspire, educate, and provide hands-on experience to girls and young women from high school to university and beyond.

Holiday Clubs

Week-long bootcamps that aims to introduce various STEM topics for high school students, university level, and working females


One-time workshops that introduce different technical skills and topics through short-term project-based workshops


Programming competition for high school and university students to create innovative tech solutions for a specific problem statement


Student-led Generation Girl chapters within universities providing programming to their local community



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Provinces across Indonesia



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We are honored to be supported by our fellow sponsors who share our commitment in scaling our impact for females across Indonesian provinces. Together, we are driving transformative change and shaping a future where every girl can realize her full potential, and utilize STEM as a vehicle of change.

Stories from Our Rookies

  • Becoming a Rookie in Generation Girl's program gave me better insight into various career opportunities in the technology sector, which helped me in deciding to study Computer Science!

    The warm, welcoming environment combined with the practical learning approach allows me to develop skills and explore the possibility of pursuing higher education in STEM 🏫

    Marvella B. Wibowo

    Marvella B. Wibowo

    Computer Science Major at University of New South Wales

  • GenG provides a learning hub where the fun curriculum and amazing people blend, which made my STEM learning experience very memorable!

    Now that I am a sophomore studying Industrial Engineering at University of Indonesia and a former GenG rookie, I am more than excited to explore more STEM areas and partake in upcoming GenG activities ✨

    Diva Mughni

    Diva Mughni

    Industrial Engineering Major at University of Indonesia

  • In December 2022, I volunteered to teach UI/UX Class at Generation Girl’s Winter Club. Previously, I was a former rookie and volunteer in GenG, and have been following them since 2018!

    Generation Girl has played a huge role in kickstarting my UI/UX journey, which brings me to pursuing the career itself. Without their program, I wouldn’t be this invested in UI/UX. So, I wish to do the same to you, who might share the same pathway as I do 😊

    Prinvia Prichariel

    Prinvia Prichariel

    Design & Research at Project Lima

  • Few years ago, I was wondering about what path I’d choose after I graduate. I found out that there are many things that can be optimized with technology and many problems that can be solved with it! For those reasons, I decided to pursue a career in STEM field.

    Because of GenG, I can explore more about STEM,
    which brought me to the stage where I received a Bachelor/Master degree scholarship by Rochester Institute of Technology! Thank you Generation Girl for helping me finding my path πŸš€

    Shafira Monica

    Shafira Monica

    Rochester Institute of Technology Scholarship Awardee

  • It has been 5 years since I joined Generation Girl community. This community makes me comfortable to interact with each other and be my β€œsafe space” to share about STEM. 

    There are also some benefits that we can get, such as exclusive job opportunity information and events πŸ™‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

    Khadijah Rizqy

    Khadijah Rizqy

    Computer Science Major at University of Indonesia

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 who share our vision of empowering future female leaders.

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